Strolling Trays, Travelin Trays & Rolling Trays


 Mrs. Bella’s Dolls™ have been providing the best in High End Cigarette Girls, Candy Girls, Usherettes, Pop Corn Dolls, Champagne Dolls, Vintage Showgirls, Gatsby Dance Shows, and Professional Pin-Up Style Models and Actors for “on-call” Events & Bookings.


Event Staffing  Imagine Classic Brand Ambassador Models promoting YOUR Product and generating leads or new Clients for your Tradeshow Booth, Award Show, VIP Lounge, Print Ad Campaign, Sporting Event, Private Party, Convention, Corporate Function, Grand Opening, Product Launch,  or Movie Premiere.


Choose from our Standard Cigarette Girl Trays, Candy Girl Trays, Pop-Corn Girl Trays and Champagne Trays. We also have LED options for our Standard Cigarette Girl Trays.


Also available are our Travelin Trays and Rolling Trays which can be worn by our Bella's Dolls or Guys and filled with food items, programs, trinkets, or anything your imagination can think of. Our Travelin Trays are available in LED Light options which bring the WOW factor to every Event. Our LED Travelin Trays can blink, change colors, create light shows or stay on one perferred color.



Mrs. Bella’s Dolls ™ are professional Models who have been trained and hand selected by Bella herself to ensure your Brand, Company  or Client is represented with our impeccable Service and Style we have become known for.