Creators of each Strolling Table and Strolling Skirt are hand crafted and carefully planned by Bella and Irby.

Once connecting with their Clients, Bella & Irby begin to conceptualized their Clients hopes and vision


Each masterpiece is created specifically to each Client with attention to detail and making it a personal experience just for their Event or Party


Irby Gascon hand builds and Creates each Table and will be on-site with you to ensure everything is perfect. Irby has worked in the Entertainment Industry for three decades and loves to bring the magic to each and every Client



The Entertainment Industry “Go to Girl”  and President of Tribute Productions Talent, Denise Bella Vlasis has worked hands-on in the Entertainment Industry since 1985. She is a Published Author of Two Entertainment Books, and has made her mark in the Celebrity Impersonator world as one of  Madonna's top Doubles (working with and for Madonna).

She is  also the Creator of Hollywood's very first Retro Pin-Up Girl/Cigarette Girl Agency, Mrs. Bella's Dolls, where she  designs her own line of Custom Costumes & Trays, hand selects & trains all of her Models, and over see's each Event Booking. 

Bella's ability to Produce Specialty and niche  performers "on demand"  for top Casting Directors and Event Planners has allowed her to flourish as a "Top Booking Agent"  for over three decades.

TV Show Producers and Celebrity Event Designers have come to rely on Bella for their own high profile Bookings because of her expertise and knowledge of the Industry.


Bella prides herself in making sure that each Production and Booking she takes on is done with 100 % commitment to excellence and detai. Her Client relationships and partnerships are something she values.


Her hope is that each of her Clients (and their guests) exerience the love and joy from which she Creates.


Owners & Creators Bella & Irby